The name off2off?

off2off was created in a dialogue, and it shall bring to mind:

New concepts


March 30, 2010 the founder Fredrik Östlin got an idea in his daily work as head of aid operations in the county council of Värmland. He was at a meeting about the creating of national indicators, NYSAM, in Stockholm. On the train on the way home emailed Fredrik his idea to the Innovationsluss Vivan.

September 2011 the start of cleantech-/IT compant off2off took place, after undergoing an interesting ideadevelopmentprocess with efforts by Fastlane , Xmentor (Gull-Britt Eide) and  Innovationssluss Vivans innovation advisors Mats Frid and Michael Gånheim.

November 2011 off2off takes place in Inova‘s business incubator.

December 2012 The City of Malmö signs agreement with off2off

May 2013 Malmö’s relay service Malvin launched.

The rest you can se at the news archive.

Fredrik Östlin