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Here you will find information / history about and service innovation behind off2off.
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For over two years we have worked together with the City of Malmö and We have achieved great success and a lot of attention together. Malvin is dear to my heart because it is one of the first services we have built up in the concept and service innovation that we at off2off developed.

Direct profits

From 6 May 2013 up to December 31, 2014 City of Malmö through our service on saved:

Moreover, it has led to a number of people got jobs through the Job Malmo, a total of more than three full-time employees. The potential show today at a savings potential of over 17 million / year in the continued development of the concept.

Satisfied customers

For us it is important to know what customers think of us. Therefore, we conducted a user survey of in June 2014 together with research firm attitude in Karlstad. We were very pleased with the results showing that users of were very satisfied, totaling 296 respondents. We had an average of over 4.5 on a 5-point scale on all issues. has conducted the survey.

The main findings were:

Comments such as
“I could not be happier with Malvin. All municipalities in the country, should embrace this idea. “

“Very clever way to prove responsibility for, inter alia, taxpayer money, environment, organizational economy which should be displayed outside. “


Since off2off has several users of our system so we can optimize the process of development, operation, support and maintenance for our customers. It is a great advantage against proprietary systems, then we work with this as our main job and several may be involved including sharing of development costs.

We have lifted the city of Malmö as a good example – it has given considerable attention

We have chosen to highlight our cooperation in a number of notable articles, reports and interviews in which s innovative capabilities to want to invest in highlighted as a good example.

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Ends with quotes from Katarina Pelin, former environmental director and the person who was our first contact with the city of Malmö.
“Off2off is a company that works with green IT, which in a very simple way so they get us to use things more than once, and saves a lot of money which we can use to hire teachers or develop care for the rather”

These are just some examples of the positive attention we got together for our cooperation. We think it has been good for both the City of Malmö’s brand as well as for ours.

We are happy and proud and cooperation have meant that we have further developed the concept with additional functionality to be able to better match our customers’ challenges.

Fredrik Östlin
CEO / Social Entrepreneur
off2off AB

(Service innovation of the year in Sweden 2013)

“Recycling is bad reuse! 

Fredrik Östlin