2019-09-20 17:49:58
We celebrate 8 years with doubling the size
"Today, im happy to present two new faces in the company and our team! We have been looking and found what we searched for! We have a new IT-developer, Robin Persson, who are going to be the key in the work towards our new platform which goes under the name, use, optimize and circulate. Jens Persson joins in as a project manager for a project regarding a project where we will create a structure to grow faster, internal development. There are some interesting parallels between Robin Persson and Jens Persson, whom are not related. They are both younger forces and they have experience from another logistics-branch that contains a lot of sustainable development, railroad-branch", says or CEO Fredrik Östlin.
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2019-09-01 18:00:36
off2off, a leading example in a Vinnovaproject
off2off is mentioned as an example regarding possession of furniture. Read more here. Cirkularitet.se is  website founded by the Vinnova-financed project "Affärsmodellinnovation för cirkulära möbelflöden - Steg 3".
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2019-06-24 17:57:32
The magazine Chef.se shows off2off's climate leadership
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2019-04-18 18:01:37
off2off in the IT-cluster on Compare's Techtalk
Our CEO Fredrik Östlin are going to discuss how sustainable development and digitization intertwine. How can digitization help in the work towards sustainable development?

Fredrik talks from his experience with off2off and from his work in the national joint action group for "Sharing economy and digitization" within Fossilfritt Sverige, which he was apart of from 3 years.

I hope to see you on Tuesday 12 am at Compare in Karlstad Innovation Park.

Read more about the event here.

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2019-04-15 18:02:51
off2off participates when "the most sustainable municipal of the year" crowns

April is a hectic month and the day after our  TechTalk in Karlstad it is time for the conference "Sustainable municipal" in Stockholm. The theme for the conference is "Strategies and tools for the Paris agreement and Agenda 2030." The municipals stands before great challenges and are at the same time bound to realize both the Paris agreement as well as Agenda 2030. Here, central actors are meeting to create a discussion of how the journey should be made. On the conference, examples are being given of successful strategies and useful tools to convert the global visions to municipal reality. Here, the result of Aktuell hållbarhet's municipal rating 2019 is presented and analyzed. What does this years result say about the municipals environmental work? Hope to see you there! Read more about the conference on https://www.aktuellhallbarhet.se/konferens/hallbarkommun/  
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2019-02-06 18:03:36
We contribute to the Swedish environmental goal as well as global goals
From Sverigesmiljömål.se* we can tell that we contribute to solve the environmental goal "Climate action" as well as the eleventh goal, "Sustainable cities and communities" and the twelfth, "Responsible consumption and production. Read more about the goals shortly on www.svergiesmiljomal.se and on www.globalamalen.se. "Another acknowledgment for our engagement in these question and for our long term work!" says our CEO Fredrik Östlin. *Sverigesmiljömål.se is a national website for environmental work. Behind the content stands eight of Sweden's environmental authorities and the county governments. The purpose of the website is to inspire and change the visitors engagement to action, to contribute to reach the environmental goals.
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2019-01-15 18:04:27
Fossilfritt Sverige mentions off2off's cooperation with Ystad
”It is much appreciated to see that Fossilfritt Sverige acknowledges our cooperation with Ystad municipal as an example of teaching"  says our CEO Fredrik Östlin. The background in our cooperation with Ystad sources in SAMSA's innovation-procurement regarding systems for increased rate of reuse 2014. Off2off went through to stage 2 and got the chance to carry out a much appreciated workshop with Ystad municipal. We didn't win SAMSA'S innovation-procurement but the dialogue  with Ystad was started and shortly after a discussion about cooperation began. The full article in Fossilfritt Sverige can be found here, and our cooperation with Ystad municipal can be read about here. Off2off has during a couple of years through our CEO been engaged with Fossilfritt Svergies joint action group "Digitization and sharing economy".  
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2018-09-07 14:51:19
off2off speaks at the Swedish Waste Management Association autumn conference
-A recognition for our urgent efforts to support public and private companies to prevent waste through smarter resource management through digitization. It's obviously good that our unique services and expertise, that we have built up over these years together with our partners, now receive further attention, says our CEO Fredrik Östlin      
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2017-03-01 17:55:02
Ystad Municipal beats Malmö
Ystad municipal has really gotten their re-use operation going. In the first 10 month's, from March to December with off2off®´s concept, more than 330 000 SEK has been saved. 183 products switched owners on Ystad's off2off®-platform. They have also reduced their CO2 emissions with 8610 kilos and electricity concumption with 73 000 kWw. This is equivalent to discharge from a gas-fueled car driving 3400 miles or 500 60-watt lamps which is on for 2500 hours. The positive trend seem to continue through January-February as well. Proportionally seen, the result of the usage of the off2off®-platform has given them a clearly better result than the first years of Malmö's work (2013-2014). Success factors in Ystad municipal are among others a continual development of the concept, decisions well anchored in the municipal governance and a good dialogue between the parties. Now Ystad, as the first municipal, want to take the lead and challenge other municipal in re-usage. "We are looking forward to take another step in the "waste-hierarchy" along with Ystad municipal, and of course upwards!" says our CEO Fredrik Östlin. For you that want to see more from Ystads off2off®-platform, check here! Read the whole article on Ystad municipal's website here. off2off delivers a concept which makes a difference and gives measurable results!
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2017-03-01 17:52:38
off2off is growing
Today we have finally reached the point where we have taken the step to grow in numbers. It is Anna Östlin who starts working in March and will strengthen the company as a support manager and a business controller. Anna has a 17 year background in both public and private sector. Welcome Anna!
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