2019-04-15 18:02:51
off2off participates when "the most sustainable municipal of the year" crowns

April is a hectic month and the day after our  TechTalk in Karlstad it is time for the conference "Sustainable municipal" in Stockholm. The theme for the conference is "Strategies and tools for the Paris agreement and Agenda 2030." The municipals stands before great challenges and are at the same time bound to realize both the Paris agreement as well as Agenda 2030. Here, central actors are meeting to create a discussion of how the journey should be made. On the conference, examples are being given of successful strategies and useful tools to convert the global visions to municipal reality. Here, the result of Aktuell hållbarhet's municipal rating 2019 is presented and analyzed. What does this years result say about the municipals environmental work? Hope to see you there! Read more about the conference on https://www.aktuellhallbarhet.se/konferens/hallbarkommun/  
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2018-04-23 17:42:30
Waste Prevention Conference in Copenhagen April 24th
Our CEO Fredrik Östlin will attend the industry conference "Wastes from municipal institutions - opportunities and experiences with increased recycling and recycling" on April 24th, which DAKOFA* organizes in Copenhagen. He will speak under the heading "Swedish digital ecosystem shows the benefits of internal reuse in organizations". DAKOFA hopes that the conference will give the municipalities answers to many of the issues that arise when they want to increase their internal reuse between different activities. Read more about the conference and register here!


(DAKOFA - Waste and Resource Network Denmark is an independent member-based organisation. Their primary task is to prepare the Danish waste and resource sector for navigating in a dynamic society, but just as importantly, in a globalised world. New framework conditions, increasing demand for resource efficiency, stricter legal requirements as well as external pressure for continual environmental improvement creates a strong need for sharing knowledge, information, experience and innovation.)
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2018-02-01 17:51:43
Vallentuna municipality takes steps for a greener municipality and more jobs
”off2off has delivered a system that meets more than our expectations. The interface is neat and the possibilities of the system interact with our own interests to contribute to a greener Vallentuna, and the opportunity to create simple jobs for people who find it difficult to get into the labor market. We have had all the conditions to put in place a really good reuse business and now the implementation work is under way. Adam Gjerdrum, Project Manager / Waste Manager, Vallentuna Municipality
At the same time, Solna also chooses to connect, which means that now there are seven municipalities in the Stockholm region, which are our partners, where the municipal cleaning company SÖRAB is a joint partner in the cooperation under REKO at www.REKO.sorab.se
  "Great fun that Vallentuna municipality and also Solna city tags along. We have had a dialogue for a long time now, and it was time for them to take off with our cooperation!!" Fredrik Östlin, off2off
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2017-08-01 20:04:05
off2off participates in the boot camp
Fredrik Östlin, CEO of off2off: Why have you been chosen do you think? - Because we focus on all sustainability, environmental, economic and social issues. And we show results that no-one in the public sector has shown. What does it mean to you as a company to participate? "It will be a power collection to take the next step, we expect to meet the right people who can help us on the journey we want to do. What are you hoping for? - Collaboration, whether it be with business angels, entrepreneurs or customers. Then it's a good way to see and get contacts as we do not have the same conditions to get local. Growth Agency's initiative Startup-Sweden provides fast-growing smaller digital companies from all over Sweden accessing the startup scene in Stockholm. During an intensive week, the companies expand their network with other companies, financiers and potential partners. They may also develop their business development skills. Startups change industries and face new challenges. This year's third boot camp is aimed at digital startups with durability as a business concept. Or, in other words, startups that solve social and environmental challenges in society through digital services or products - thus contributing to sustainable development.   In addition to off2off, the following companies participate: EIMS 2C, Kumla, allows visitors to gather and share brochures and catalogs in electronic format. Mobilsamling Sverige AB, Växjö, offers an app for co-operation with a focus on the countryside. Twoact AB, Varberg, offers an app that provides "help with self-help" to people who abuse or have behavioral problems, for example linked to mental health. Non-Violence Education International AB, Stockholm, has developed an app to counter bullying, violence and other problems affecting young people. AddTruly AB, Gothenburg, has created a digital platform for companies that want to take social responsibility by supporting grassroots organizations. Cake 0 emission AB, Ekerö, has developed an electric motorbike to accelerate the journey towards a society without carbon dioxide emissions. Rockan Data Center AB, Spånga, is building energy-efficient data centers in old military facilities to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Read more on the Swedish Agency for Growth Agency here.
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2017-06-10 12:53:38
New web site!
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2017-04-18 17:59:34
The new website is here!
The English version is here soon! what do you think?
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2017-04-04 17:58:49
The new website is soon here...
Hi, we are working on launching our new website!
Much happens around the circular economy field right now. Don's miss for example the investigation about circular economy which was released 22 of Mars. You can reach it through a pdf-file here. Don't miss chapter 17 which is about internal municipal re usage of resources.
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2017-03-01 17:55:02
Ystad Municipal beats Malmö
Ystad municipal has really gotten their re-use operation going. In the first 10 month's, from March to December with off2off®´s concept, more than 330 000 SEK has been saved. 183 products switched owners on Ystad's off2off®-platform. They have also reduced their CO2 emissions with 8610 kilos and electricity concumption with 73 000 kWw. This is equivalent to discharge from a gas-fueled car driving 3400 miles or 500 60-watt lamps which is on for 2500 hours. The positive trend seem to continue through January-February as well. Proportionally seen, the result of the usage of the off2off®-platform has given them a clearly better result than the first years of Malmö's work (2013-2014). Success factors in Ystad municipal are among others a continual development of the concept, decisions well anchored in the municipal governance and a good dialogue between the parties. Now Ystad, as the first municipal, want to take the lead and challenge other municipal in re-usage. "We are looking forward to take another step in the "waste-hierarchy" along with Ystad municipal, and of course upwards!" says our CEO Fredrik Östlin. For you that want to see more from Ystads off2off®-platform, check here! Read the whole article on Ystad municipal's website here. off2off delivers a concept which makes a difference and gives measurable results!
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2017-03-01 17:52:38
off2off is growing
Today we have finally reached the point where we have taken the step to grow in numbers. It is Anna Östlin who starts working in March and will strengthen the company as a support manager and a business controller. Anna has a 17 year background in both public and private sector. Welcome Anna!
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