Ystad Municipal beats Malmö

Ystad municipal has really gotten their re-use operation going. In the first 10 month’s, from March to December with off2off®´s concept, more than 330 000 SEK has been saved. 183 products switched owners on Ystad’s off2off®-platform. They have also reduced their CO2 emissions with 8610 kilos and electricity concumption with 73 000 kWw. This is equivalent to discharge from a gas-fueled car driving 3400 miles or 500 60-watt lamps which is on for 2500 hours. The positive trend seem to continue through January-February as well. Proportionally seen, the result of the usage of the off2off®-platform has given them a clearly better result than the first years of Malmö’s work (2013-2014).

Success factors in Ystad municipal are among others a continual development of the concept, decisions well anchored in the municipal governance and a good dialogue between the parties. Now Ystad, as the first municipal, want to take the lead and challenge other municipal in re-usage.

“We are looking forward to take another step in the “waste-hierarchy” along with Ystad municipal, and of course upwards!” says our CEO Fredrik Östlin.

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off2off delivers a concept which makes a difference and gives measurable results!

Fredrik Östlin