March 30, 2010, founder Fredrik Östlin received an idea in his daily work as manager at human technical aid department in the county council in Värmland. He was in a meeting on the development of national key performance indicators, NYSAM, in Stockholm. On the train on the way home, Fredrik sent his idea to Innovationssluss Vivan.

In September 2011, the company started off2off, after having completed an interesting idea development process with efforts from Fastlane, Xmentor (Gull-Britt Eide, now Municipal Manager Öckerö Municipality), Karlstad University (Katarina Wetter-Edman now Artfack) and Vivan’s business executive Tomas Edman (now ExperioLab) and Innovation Advisor Mikael Gånheim (now Forshaga municipality).

September 2011 off2off was formed.
November 2011 off2off takes place in the business incubator Inova.
December 2012 Malmö city signs an agreement with off2off for the licensing of off2off’s concept under the name Malvin.
Maj 2013 Malmö stads  mediation service Malvin launched and operated by off2off.

The name?

off2off was created in a dialogue and cooperations between several partners is a ground value:


“the functional surplus”

In the work of wasted products, there is no good name for these existing resources, instead of categorizing them as “too good to be thrown”. The term off2off since minting is the functional surplus, ie things that may have a residual value / function of a new user or within another application. We want this concept to help organizations manage their leftover things with a correct and relevant description.

“off2off – for sustainable organizations”

off2off works with and for the creation of more sustainable organizations.

“Recycling is failure to reuse”

Today, the recycling industry has a clear grasp of what happens to things that are left over, they are recycled. But here we (hopefully) have forgotten a few steps of reuse before recycling is the next solution. That is, recycling gets the opportunity when reuse fails after several loops!


Fredrik Östlin