#whitemonday 50% on inspirational talk ”Smart resource-management with digitalization in public sector”

The 23 of November it is once again time for Black Friday – the day that does not go along with the latest reports on climate change. In Sweden, over 130+ companies, organizations ad influencers have created an antipole for the day to show an alternative for new-consumption. WWF, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and Cradlenet are examples on organizations that stands behind the campaign White Monday. 

Off2off stands behind this initiative that shows that there are positive alternatives to a buy- and throw behaviour. Today we are mentioned along with 130 + companies, organizations and influencers under the hashtag #whitemonday, on whitemonday.se and in media such as SVT, TV4, DI, and more.

Todays offer to municipals, counties and other governmental authorities is that we give 50 % discount this week on our inspirational talk “Smart resource-managment with digitalization in public sector”. A much appreciated talk that our own CEO Fredrik Östlin held the 14 of November on “Avfall Sveriges” fall-meeting.

Offer: 5000 SEK plus travel and accommodation! (through 27 of november)

To order contact us on kontakt@off2off.se or call +4654-70 000 20.

Fredrik Östlin