We contribute to the Swedish environmental goal as well as global goals

On the website Sverigesmiljömål.se off2off is mentioned as an example of what municipals and companies can do with their own environmental work, to reach the environmental goals and contribute to the global goals of sustainable development. The thought behind this example is to inspire others to contribute to reach the goals.

From Sverigesmiljömål.se* we can tell that we contribute to solve the environmental goal “Climate action” as well as the eleventh goal, “Sustainable cities and communities” and the twelfth, “Responsible consumption and production. Read more about the goals shortly on www.svergiesmiljomal.se and on www.globalamalen.se.

“Another acknowledgment for our engagement in these question and for our long term work!” says our CEO Fredrik Östlin.

*Sverigesmiljömål.se is a national website for environmental work. Behind the content stands eight of Sweden’s environmental authorities and the county governments. The purpose of the website is to inspire and change the visitors engagement to action, to contribute to reach the environmental goals.

Fredrik Östlin