off2off participates when “the most sustainable municipal of the year” crowns

On the 24th of April the conference “Sustainable municipal” is being held in Stockholm. off2off is participating as one of the exhibitors.

April is a hectic month and the day after our  TechTalk in Karlstad it is time for the conference “Sustainable municipal” in Stockholm.

The theme for the conference is “Strategies and tools for the Paris agreement and Agenda 2030.” The municipals stands before great challenges and are at the same time bound to realize both the Paris agreement as well as Agenda 2030. Here, central actors are meeting to create a discussion of how the journey should be made. On the conference, examples are being given of successful strategies and useful tools to convert the global visions to municipal reality. Here, the result of Aktuell hållbarhet’s municipal rating 2019 is presented and analyzed. What does this years result say about the municipals environmental work?

Hope to see you there!

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Fredrik Östlin