We celebrate 8 years with doubling the size

off2off recently had its 8th birthday. A long journey when you look back, but even more inspiring looking forward because of the increasing speed in the branch. Now is the right time for off2off to take the next step.

“Today, im happy to present two new faces in the company and our team! We have been looking and found what we searched for! We have a new IT-developer, Robin Persson, who are going to be the key in the work towards our new platform which goes under the name, use, optimize and circulate. Jens Persson joins in as a project manager for a project regarding a project where we will create a structure to grow faster, internal development. There are some interesting parallels between Robin Persson and Jens Persson, whom are not related. They are both younger forces and they have experience from another logistics-branch that contains a lot of sustainable development, railroad-branch”, says or CEO Fredrik Östlin.

Fredrik Östlin