Ragn-Sells take the step, to live as they learn

Ragn-Sells has long been at the forefront of circular economy and sees clearly how more and more customers want to learn more about how they can reduce their environmental impact. Now, even Ragn-Sells own organization contribute to untapped resources given new life. The solution has been named TOR. A self reuse portal for unused equipment that can circulate on to the benefit of the new location of the company.

We are very pleased to at Ragn-Sells choose us because they are a leading player in the circular economy. Something that we are passionate about and work, says Fredrik Östlin CEO / social entrepreneur, off2off.

More information;

Fredrik Östlin, CEO / social entrepreneur, off2off AB, 0760-38 92 22, fredrik@off2off.se

True Magnusson, Project Manager of TOR, Ragn-Sells AB, sanna.magnusson@ragnsells.com

Link to Ragn-Sells press release ”Here you live what you preach” here.

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