From Ystad in the south, therefore, we choose off2off

It is gratifying to another municipality wants to take on the challenge of sustainable public consumption and practice what you preach by re-using their own existing resources, says Fredrik Östlin CEO of off2off. <! – More ->

In line with Ystad Municipality’s Environment Programme and future waste management system is one of the environmental objectives of sustainable consumption. One way of Ystad Municipality to work with waste minimization is to implement a recycling system internally within the municipality, says Andreaz Strömgren, Planning Manager in Ystad

To focus on waste minimization and recycling goes in line with the EU disposalhierki and is an obvious focus for us in Ystad, continues Andreaz Strömgren, when asked about why Ystad now chosen to autumn implement the system off2off offer.

By showing that as the municipality take responsibility and show the way how to work towards a sustainable consumption internally within the municipal organization gives also good signals to residents. In addition to the system is simple and user-friendly, we also continuous monitoring in the form of statistics.

In terms of waste minimization is also working Ystad in other ways against local residents, for example, by highlighting Waste Swedish label millionaire-friendly. The purpose of this label is to highlight the activities of the municipality that help us to make wise environmental choices by being able to cook, borrow and reuse our gadgets. Even Off2Off have the label millionaire-friendly .

It is important to weave together various stakeholders, businesses and organizations to strive towards a sustainable society, and reduced waste and thus create a VI feeling. Therefore, we take in Ystad is now a holistic approach where we weave together the next cleaning device with Ystad Municipality’s environmental programs, where our objective is to jointly contribute to a sustainable society for our future generations concludes Andreaz Strömgren.

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